KonMari Tidying Is A Radical Act


KonMari Tidying is not simply organizing your things. The process is a deep evaluation of what you like, who you are, and what you want to surround yourself with. Tidying  helps you evaluate what “sparks joy” and what does not. As your joy-meter develops, you become more discerning about who and what you want to invite into your life- from clothing, to housewares, to food, new purchases…and even people!

I have noticed with myself, and many other Konmari enthusiasts, that we begin to discard (with gratitude) people, places, objects, and situations that do not spark joy. By facing what you own and surround yourself with you begin to see the many personas and identities you have “tried on” in life. Through this process you gain a greater perspective of what makes you tick, what your goals are, and how you want to spend your time and resources.

I went shopping this week at my favorite store on earth, a specific TJ Maxx inLos Angeles near Beverly Hills. I love bargains. I love fashion. And this store has it all, at great prices. Haute couture, designer handbags, shoes, and housewares. I absolutely enjoyed myself, immersing myself in beautiful displays, fashion, fabrics, and gleaming jewelry. I tried on shoes, evaluated purses, and considered a new swimming suit. In the end, I bought two pairs of shoes that I loved and were both stylish, comfortable, and great buys. $70.00 was spent. I put several more things in my cart but re-considered. I didn’t “need” the items, and one pair of shoes, while  stylish, and incredibly adorable, felt a bit funny when I walked. I don’t buy anything now, even if it is a good buy if it isn’t perfect for me. I don’t invite “ok” or so-so items into my life or closet anymore. I left the store happy with my purchases. I could afford them, they were comfortable, and I knew I could fit the new shoes in my closet. They sparked joy.  I discarded my battered black ballet flats with gratitude in the mall courtyard garbage can and slipped on my new Sam Edelman flats.

KonMari tidying does not end with your closet and drawers. It is a heart and soul exercise, a life changing process of listening to YOU. Throughout our lives, we are trained to bow to authorities in every aspect of our lives- how to look, what to wear, how to think, where to go to school, what steps to take to have a successful life. KonMari gives us radical freedom to choose what works for YOU and you alone. It is a life-affirming and independence building practice. It can free us from debt from over-shopping, dependence on the capitalistic system of affirmation through spending, and in its quiet ethos, I believe that practicing  KonMari is a radical, life-transforming act.