I consider it a privilege to enter your home and assist you in your Tidying Journey! Here are some FAQ’s that will help you understand the process.

  1. How Do We Start? I always greet your home! Tidying Consultants are taught this to show respect to your home and its environs. It’s a brief, kneeling bow and you are welcome to join me and set an intention for the tidying session.
  2. What’s Next? At a five-hour initial session, we will begin with a brief discussion. I will ask you about your goals and dreams for tidying. You are welcome to show me your “problem areas” and then the action begins! Tidying is about motion, not inertia!  Tidying is intuitive after a primer when we start- you will soon get the hang of it and feel invigorated as you see rapid progress.
  3. My House Is a Mess- Will You Take Pictures and Post Them? I don’t judge, I’ve seen it all. Being invited to your home is a privilege and the details of your home and possessions are confidential per the KonMari Consulting agreement.  I never take photos of tidying unless clients give me express permission, an issue that is covered in our Contract for Service. You are free to decline photos, but I always recommend that clients take their own photos to document the tidying journey.
  4. What If I’m Embarrassed at Something In My Drawers? Take it out before I arrive! I never look in drawers or open closet doors unless you authorize doing so as part of our tidying session. Also, most clients prefer to tidy and sort their underthings themselves after I give them a brief demo in folding.
  5. Do We Take Breaks? Yes, a 15-minute break is factored into the five-hour session. It will not be necessary for a three-hour session. It’s important to have a power snack, rehydrate, and to sit and rest for a few minutes after being on our feet at the midpoint of tidying to regain energy and focus.
  6. Can We Finish My Closet In Five Hours? An average closet can be fully tidied in our first five- hour session. That being said, “average” closets in America can sometimes be walk-in closets, or a person can have an “extra” clothing closet or two- in a spare room or a hall closet filled with clothes. If that’s the case, it may take longer than our five-hour session. You always have the option to complete on your own time…just remember, your closets didn’t burst to overflowing overnight, and the tidying process may take longer than one session. Bottom line,  you will be amazed at what can be accomplished in five hours!